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The Tarot acts like a mirror to your soul.

Do you have a specific question or choice to make? Allow the spirits to guide you and give you the answers you're looking for through a Tarot reading.
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Let Me Perform Real Magick For You!

Allow me to perform ritual magick for you, if you want to feel confident and safe in achieving the life changes you want to make your reality!
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    Client Reviews

    I was recently very ill for two weeks straight, I contacted Zeraphina for a healing ritual, I didn’t think this would happen so fast! In two days I went from sleeping night and day with this illness, to complete health and the problem pretty much vanished into thin air!

    Not only did the healing ritual help with my problem, but my diabetes, and other health problems have been healing tremendously fast, as well as a bit of good luck on my side!

    I definitely recommend The Scottish Witch for any ritual for hire work! She is fast, kind, and very generous! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.

    by Tess Marie: My personal experience with Scottish Witch, Zeraphina:

    I highly recommend the Tarot readings from Zeraphina Angelus. She made me a reading and was so accurate, right on the target describing me and my situation. Her skills and intuition are very high, and she’s very professional. Most of all I love her energy and sympathy. She’s the real deal!

    Sara Lourenço L

    “During my all career as a magician, I have rarely been impressed by readings of any sort. Most practitioners tend to only give you general indications that could pretty much be valid for anyone undertaking the consultation, and when you try to enter the details of your problem, they lose themselves.

    My experience with Zeraphina Angelus (Scottish Witch) was the first time someone was really able to describe my situation with details that could not be explained by other means that the supernatural. During our consultation Zeraphina was able to find the weak points in my life and offers a realistic and precise vision of the future, based on my own choices. I could not recommend her enough.”

    N.D. Blackwood (author of Draugadrottin)

    How I Use Black Magick and Witchcraft

    Greetings! I’m Zeraphina Angelus, the ‘Scottish Witch’ and have been practicing witchcraft and divination since I was a teen.     I use magick  as a powerful tool to manipulate the laws of cause and effect, to bring about desired changes in my reality. I am a Chaos Witch, which means that my methods are based in a number of different styles of magick, including Hoodoo, traditional Celtic witchcraft and working with spirits.

    Love, Obsession and Break Up Spells

    When we fall in love or intensely lust after someone we find ourselves under a spell. This can be brought into reality through witchcraft.

    Attraction on a spiritual level has a component to it that is like the magnetic attraction between two magnets. Creating a powerful magnetic force between two people to bring them together or to repel them from one another can be done through magick.


    Read my latest blog posts on witchcraft and magick!

    When Love Magick becomes a Curse

    Cast your mind for a moment, to the topic of love spells.  What images come to mind? poppets and honey jars? red hearts and pink roses? What do you feel? the warmth of romantic memories? The excitement of endless possibilities? Now think about curses/hexes/baneful Magick.  Do you think of voodoo dolls and coffin boxes? Sickness, …

    Spiritual Protection & Blessings in Disguise

    I think about life as being a bit like a river, with a current and a flow, in a direction that is determined by natural laws. As we navigate our way along this river, the main body of water can branch off into smaller streams going in different directions, but ultimately flowing back to the …

    Ritual for the Worm Moon Friday 18 March 2022

    Every full moon is unique and as such, brings a unique opportunity to manifest something unique in your reality. By working with the moon, we are, magickally speaking, swimming with the tide and taking advantage of the power of nature. This month’s full moon falls on Friday the 18th March and is known as the …


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